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Throughout our school years, we encounter a number of people. Some we may only see occasionally in the halls. Others we may see in a class or more throughout the day. Some we may only know through brief interactions in the classroom. Others may become an important part of our lives for a semester, a year or many years. Then, they may be gone.

Some forever.

It’s sad given the connectedness of the world these days. Even now, there are classmates we just never see, never call, never eMail. We may never even know what happened to them. Were they happy? Did they achieve their goals? Are they still living out there or are they long since gone? Could they do with a kind word or two?

History records the kings, the leaders of industry, the politicians and so on. Sometimes they are important but often the truly important people—the people that really moved things forward, the people that really mattered—are largely forgotten in the passage of time.

What of the people in our own lives? How many of those who once played a significant part of our lives are rarely even thought of anymore? What of the friends that helped shape who we are today? Maybe we have an old yearbook showing our classmates, but which of them mattered to us? Who were our friends? Who influenced us? Who pushed us forward?

It is sad that we often go about our daily lives, never seeing or perhaps even having forgotten those that made us who we are today. Does the increased connectedness of today’s world change anything? Perhaps a little, but so much more attention is given to the banal and it seems very little time is afforded to appreciating what others have meant to us, of recognizing the role they have played in our lives.

We so often fail to tell people how important they are or have been to us. We fool ourselves into believing they know and we hope or pretend they know, so we can take the easy way out and avoid putting the time and effort into actually telling them, because it may be hard or uncomfortable.

Instead, we save our thoughts and appreciations for obituaries and eulogies—the deceased often never receiving that type of recognition while they were living, while it mattered and, in some cases, while it may have made a difference in their lives.

They may think they’ve never done anything important. They may think they’ve gone through life, facing their own struggles as best they can, but never reaching the level of success they had dreamed of as kids, never doing more than eking out a basic living, just getting by. They may never realize the impact they’ve had and how the people they’ve affected have, in turn, impacted so many more.

Possibly all because of a small gesture, such as a kind word or small favor at the opportune moment. Something they don’t even remember but meant so much more to the recipient.

They may think they’re ordinary, nothing special, no one of importance. But, in reality, they may very well be among the most important people in the world.

But they will never know.

Unless we tell them.

But how can we tell them if we never see them? If we’ve lost touch, if we don’t even know where they are?

That’s why we’re here. The Lakota Alumni Association wants to help you to restore those lost ties—or prevent them being lost in the first place—so that everyone feels appreciated and knows that their efforts, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to them, are important and meaningful to others.

While we can’t help you stay in touch with everyone who has touched your life, we can help you to maintain those connections with the classmates who played a role in your formative years.

The Lakota Alumni Association wants to help foster strong bonds between alumni to encourage a spirit of camaraderie and unity so that they know throughout their lives, through whatever difficulties they may face, they always have a group of friends—a family—they can turn to for support.

Please join us and let’s build something special.


Dan C. Rinnert
Board Member, Lakota Alumni Association


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Purpose: To maintain a lifelong relationship between the Lakota Local School District and the alumni of all Lakota high schools; to promote and maintain lifelong relationships among the alumni; to keep alumni informed about the Lakota Schools; and to use the energy, enthusiasm and philanthropy of alumni for the well-being of fellow alumni, current students and former and current staff members of the Lakota Schools.